Heading for change - Alandia

Heading for change - ESG mini-series, part two

September 14, 2023 Alandia Loss Prevention Team
Heading for change - Alandia
Heading for change - ESG mini-series, part two
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This is the second podcast in a three-part series on ESG. In this episode we are joined by the Head of Marine Claims here at Alandia, Johan Henriksson, who paints a picture of how the hull and machinery claims team works with ESG in their daily processes.  

Having explored Alandia’s integration of the UN Principles for Sustainable Insurance in the previous episode, we now dig a little deeper into what that looks like in daily work routines. Claims handling is a core function that must be consistent in reaching high standards, but how does ESG affect the process? Does it change the way we work with our customers and yards/service providers?

Listen in to hear the answers to these questions and more! 

*Note: Although Alandia also offers fixed P&I insurance, due to time constraints this podcast takes a focused approach in concentrating mainly on H&M as the spearhead of the business. We intend to release P&I related materials soon to address this important and complex area of our work!

Johan's self introduction
How the claims team work with ESG
The part of ESG that resonates the most with Johan
Where we are in terms of governance
The importance of social sustainability
How the customer is prioritised
The personal meaning of ESG to Johan
Environmental focus for marine insurers