Heading for change - Alandia

Heading for change - true sustainability

December 08, 2021 Alandia Loss Prevention Team Season 1 Episode 17
Heading for change - Alandia
Heading for change - true sustainability
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The challenge of decarbonising the shipping industry before 2050 is a topic which is in the spotlight around the world. The demand to tackle global warming is not only publicly supported but is also enforced by customers who want more sustainable options. This means that the adoption of environmentally friendly solutions is necessary for companies to remain competitive. 

We want to know more about how shipping companies are working with sustainable solutions to go beyond the near-sighted goal of simply creating marketing attention, to instead make a real difference to the future of the industry. We invited Jussi Mälkiä as the founder and CEO of Meriaura, a shipping company renowned for their innovative and sustainable solutions, to explain his perspective. Listen to our podcast to hear more about a company who are striving to create change.  

The interview starts
Why did Jussi become interested in environmental issues?
The development of environmental solutions
Success is not a straight way forward
How to know what is sustainable
Sustainability through the chain
Where to find education
The general sustainability level of the industry
Emissions trade & incentivisation - a holistic view of sustainability
Connections between social and environmental sustainability
Advice for a more sustainable industry - the vision of a carbon free future
Is transportation too cheap?
How Jussi works in practical ways with sustainability in Meriaura